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A Balancing Act

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What's new MochaMoms?

The last 6 months of 2018 were really rough for me. I decided the last week of December I was going to make the best of the first 6 months of 2019. It also happens to be the last six months of 26 for me. I wanted to walk into my birthday feeling proud and happy. I wanted to look back at the past 6 months and see all the things that I have accomplished. 

In the most humble way I have really been working my ass off (literally) since January. In the past three months I lost 25 pounds; I changed my eating, workout 4-5 days a week and strive for at least 7 hours of sleep. It has also been a great stress reliever and my favorite self-care outside of journaling these days. 

I had my first op-ed published! See here! This was an experience to say the least, lol. Overall I am glad that I took a leap of faith and began to put my name out there.

I completed my first semester as a Doctoral Student at Thee GREAT Morgan State! Let me tell you, this has been a humbling experience and I am glad that I made the decision to attend an HBCU for my Doctorate (we'll talk more about this, later).

I got to visit my second favorite state (New York) and went through my favorite Borough (Brooklyn!). It was nice to visit and I have to say I was saddened and angered by the gentrification, but that's for another time. While there I got to visit a few Black-owned spots, one of them Papa Rozier Farms was so awesome! We almost brought the entire store, lol. We got to watch Castor oil made fresh, learn about the products (all ingredients are from Haiti) and hear about the school they built and fund on their family's land.

When I made my New Years focus list I claimed opportunities that would stretch me and help me grow. Working out consistently, eating right and being intentional about positive self-talk in lieu of self deprecative behavior has become essential on my journey to self-preservation.

Overall, life for me is going well; even with the challenges that arise. I made a commitment to be present and just enjoy things: the readings and laundry can wait.

I'm excited to bring you all new content and continuous space for Black Motherhood.

Love and Light MochaMoms,

I'll be in touch.

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Rites of Passage by Audreyia Thibodeaux

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Rites of Passage

I had to break your heart this morning.
Awakening the sleeping memories stored in your genes.
You may feel I picked your pockets,
But I hope I did the right thing.

As I watched the tears drop with your shoulders,
I fear I made a mistake.
You, a youthful Being with only 8 years of life experience,
It is my duty to educate you.

To activate all the knowledge within your DNA.
The pain is there,
The truth is there.
The chains and broken bonds.
The answers to questions about your beautiful brown skin.
Skin chlorophylled with melanin.
Skin not yet blacked with bruising.
Skin charged before birth.

So, the Tooth Fairy and Santa Clause pay penitence
For the cost of your innocence.
You would pay later for ignorance.
I would resent myself,
If I didn’t let you know the Devil doesn’t exist.
Dear Progeny,
The demons coiled inside your spirals
Stand ready to insist you created this prison.
I may never see your eyes gleam again,
For the bubble I’ve burst washes over you.
Let it cleanse you, but
Never let it make you, hate you.
Never diminish, never dull.

Although these words may not fit your britches.
Tell your cells these truths:
We have been here since the beginning,
We are still here,
And we will always be here.
We are karmic.
We don’t die,
We evolve, upgrade, and multiply.

Audreyia, a poet since the age of 12 has one son, Progeny. She received her Master's degree from PVAMU and is currently a career mentor. You can see more of Audreyia's work on her blog site PerneyThePoet and follow them on Twitter.