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Let Me Explain

In 2009, at the age of 16 I became the mother to a beautiful baby girl. I was blessed with an amazing support system, at home and in school. The adults in my life saw so much potential in me, even at times when I didn't see it in myself. My mother, who never made it past middle school thought that I would no longer be able to attend school and her dream of me being the first to attend college was shattered. My guidance counselor, my sister and many of my teachers reassured her differently. In the fall 2010, with a one-year old and a new set of pens I attended my first semester of college! I completed my B.A. in English in Four years and I am currently in my final semester of graduate school getting my M.S. in Negotiations and Conflict Management (Whoot! Whoot!) and I did it all at the age of 24 with two children; seven and 18 mos.
Sometime last year I came up with the idea of MillenialMochaMoms, this blog that would provide a networking opportunity for the moms of color that are apart of the millennial group. Yes, I have plenty of friends, I have over 300k sisters (Eee-Yip My Sorors!) but I still wanted to know someone that looked like me, was going through the things I was all the while being a mother and trying to enter into Big Girl World as I like to call it.
The thing about us millennials is that we are multi-faceted- We are working multiple jobs with multiple degrees, tending to our children and spouses all the while making time for both bottomless mimosas on the weekends #Bitchin'NBrunchin' as I like to call it and #PlayGroundParties because we all know, there's no turn up like when the swing gets high! Throw a lil' Black Girl Magic on it and it's even more lit! I have a passion in advocating for the quality of life for black women and women of color! I truly stand by Me First. Me First because I cannot be all that I can be as a daughter, mother, sister, friend, soror, educator, etc. If I do not take care of ME mentally, physically, spiritually and so forth. My goal is to help all women to see the bigger picture and achieve enlightenment and empowerment as we navigate our daily lives. As I add life to this blog I want you all to reach out and leave comments, talk/encourage one another! If you come across any topics you want me to discuss, let me know!
Lets get to the Nitty Gritty!

Barb, What's a 'MillennialMochaMom'?

According to Webster's dictionary. Nah, there's no official definition just mine. A Millennial Mocha Mom is a young mother of color that juggles multiple roles from motherhood to student hood. A #MillyMocha for short is mom of color that exudes brilliance, excellence, success and has tenacity like none other! A #MillyMocha is a mother that is setting the pace and raising the standards of what it means to be a mother in our current society.  *Whispers* She also probably danced and sang along to Britney Spears, 'Hit Me Baby One More Time'.... Not me though.

Barb, I'm not a mom can I still read?

Yeah! The more the merrier! I'll actually feature some bomb ass women of color that are key players in my life! *Spoiler Alert* They are doing the damn thang!

Barb, I'm a mom but I'm not a 'MochaMom'

*In my Claire Huxtable Voice* Mhmmm! Well, come on in chile... Ask your friendly neighborhood 'Mochamom' if you can borrow her decoder pen to read my posts. No! Just kidding, all are welcome! Of course you can read my posts! You may even find a lot more similarities than differences and some new friends along the way!

Barb, What's the age range for 'Millennial'?

Well The Atlantic says that range for the Millennial generation is 1982-2004 (anyone after that is lost in oblivion, sorry, ya'll.) so all are welcome and because we vary in age, I will be featuring a new mommy each month so that we can hear from Ery'body!

Barb, You look like a ball of fun! Are we doing playdates and brunches?

Hold up! Ya'll know I love a good brunch! Playdates are cool too...Yes, my goal is this year hosts meet ups for the mommies and playdates for the kiddies! So if you're in the Baltimore/DMV (Baltimore is not the DMV *Emoji eye roll) I'm down for mimosas and mommy & me!

Enjoy! Welcome to Millennial Mocha Moms! #IllBeIntouch

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  1. I am so proud of you .... I hope this blog brings you as much happiness as I got from reading it