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Beauty Must Haves for Mommies!

Hey #MillyMochas! How is March going for you? Getting anything done? I hope so! Well, like most mommies I have bags, stretch marks and just a lot of things that comes with the territory. While I always preach about taking care of yourself I never quite gave you guys any of my favorite beauty products that helps me get by! I'll be 25 in June *sighs* and I decided last year that it will be worth  while to create a consistent skin care routine because the better you treat your skin, the better it will treat you! I have oily skin, so from the beginning of my skin care routine, I try to use products that will minimize pores and create a barrier from my skin becoming super oily through out the day.
 Here are my top skin care items:

1. Face wash

Detoxifying Black Cleanser by Boscia, $10.00- Sephora.
 Lately, there have been a lot of charcoal facial washes that help with keeping oil at bay and minimizing pores. This face wash by Boscia does the trick! Bonus points because it heats up when you rub it on your face.  It does the job without leaving dry patches. A little goes a long way and I wash my face with this morning and evening.

                      Garnier SkinActive Clean+ Shine Control Cleansing Gel 
by Garner, $5.69- Amazon, Target and Ulta.
This is definitely my ultimate favorite! One bottle lasted me a long time. It took me a long time to find it after I ran out of it and thats how I stumbled on my Boscia. I actually use both and I actually travel with the Garnia, just because the weather and climate in different areas seem to make my skin more oily and this always does the trick in mattifying and keeping away shine.

2. Toner

A lot of people don't use toner, mainly because they don't know the purpose of it. Toner is good for an extra cleanse after washing your face or a quick freshen up through the day. It's especially good for oily and acne prone skin. 

Tea Tree Water Toner by Lush USA, $10.95-Lush
Ya'll. This toner is EVERYTHING. 
I've made it a habit to not wear as much makeup and since I have made that decision this toner holds. me. down.  It's made with tea tree, juniper berry and grapefruit water. Its a good part of the morning as  the cold toner on my face is a good wakeup. In order to preserve the ingredients its recommended to be refrigerated. 

3. Eye Cream

#MillyMochas LISTEN, this is important! Especially if you have raccoon eyes (dark circles) and puffiness (#NoSleepCauseImWritingMyCapstonePaper Woot! Woot!). Eye creams are good for reducing dark circles and puffiness. I use two, one for morning and one for at night. 

Garnier SkinActive Clearly Brighter Anti-Puff Eye Roller by Garnier, $8.89- Target

I use this eye roller in the morning and it does give you instant results! I love how cold it is and it helps with waking up. I did notice that after two weeks my dark circles were lighter and that much of the puffiness I experience when I first wake up decreased a ton. Even if I am just doing a quick run and forego my facial cleanses I still put this under my eyes to at least give the appearance of having sleep while it works on my dark circles and eye puffiness.

I use this baby at night after I wash and apply my toner and this eye cream definitely is one for the books! "Infused with Lavender Essential Oil, Hyaluronic & Hydroxy Acids, it renews, firms and even reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Now go ahead and recharge skin while you sleep" This cream is definitely underrated and I can't sleep at night without applying it! 

4. Moisturizer

Okay, moisturizer is very tricky! Moisturizer for my skin specifically have to have a certain balance. Too greasy and by the end of the day you'll end up looking you went to a spa that does KFC facials. Find a moisturizer without enough essential oils and you'll just be oily with dry patches. #YUCK

Even if you don't have acne prone skin, I highly recommend this if you have oily skin! The little bottle lasts and this is another 'little goes along way' item that I stick by! One pump usually does the trick. 

Weekly face Masks:

Just know how much I love you all because I'm sharing the secret to keeping my face so A1 outside of these products! So twice a week, I make a face mask. 

Here is my secret tip, Indian Healing Clay A.K.A. Bentonite Clay I mix this with unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar and apply it for twenty minutes, twice weekly! The benefits of the mask are: Draws out toxins, treats acne, prevents blackheads and evens out skin tone which is a plus if you have an uneven skin tone like someone like me. Some people mix it with water and some actually squeeze out lemon juice and mix it with that. I highly recommend the ACV or lemon juice. You can also place it in your hair as a hair mask! 

WARNING: if you have any piercings on your face, do NOT place the mask on it. It WILL close the hole as the Aztecs used this to treat open wounds and heal scars! I found that out the hard way this past Saturday. 

So, there you have it ladies! My secret to making it look like I have it all together even though underneath I'm tired As F*ck! 

What are your favorite beauty products? 

Comment below! 


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