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Mommy March Madness

Hey Mommies! 

Well..how did February go? Did you get any of your goals done? I know I did! I got a good three out of my five goals done! Not bad right?! 
This month  is a big month. I always say that March is a huge transition month. March is the month where the remnants of last year truly die off and we begin to enter into new things. Let that sink in #MillyMochas. New Things. As mommies (and sister mommies) we all get into routine. Up at 6 A.M. Out the house by 7:45 to pick up your Starbucks mobile order, drop the kids off by 8:30 and at work by 8:55. Complete work, leave work, run some errands, pick the kids up, come home, cook dinner, prepare for next day. Rinse Wash Repeat. I don't know about you mommies but, its more exhausting being in a routine than out of one. This month is especially crazy for me, I'm writing my capstone *watches two strands of hair turn gray and three fall out*, completing my internship, preparing for Cuba AND trying to figure out what the hell I'm going to do in 8 weeks when I am finished with school. 

Thank God for my Apple Watch that reminds me every hour to BREATHE because who knows what section of Shepard Pratt I would be in at this point. My patience is thinner than Agent Orange wig ya'll and I feel that this month especially is important to keep up on EVERYTHING in your life that has a timeline or needs evaluation. 
In order to survive March, the month of transition we need to make sure we practice self-care. Take care of your mental so you can complete your studies. Nobody deserves to be subjected to your 40 page paper filled with typos and HELP ME THE BABY KEEPS DELETING MY WORK fragmented sentences. One thing I have learned to do is take either of my MacBooks with me wherever I go. I mostly take my air because it is a lot lighter than my pro. When I have time at work I prop my bad boy open and type, research or proofread what I have. Prior to doing this I had to think about how much time I was wasting just mindlessly staring at my phone. Idle time should be productive time. I have been working hard to get myself out of sitting in the car when I get off of work. I simply complete one task and move on to the next.

Speaking of time, is there someone in your life right now that you just can't seem to get through to that your time is just as important as their time? I have a solution for you MochaMom, Look Right. What did she say? Stop. That's a good answer.  #MillyMochas Don't you let a single person, not even you waste your time this month! #MochaMoms are busy as hell. The time I spend waiting for someone to confirm something with me I could be doing a clients face, studying, rearranging my room, playing with the girls, talking to God, cleaning the closets, the possibilities are endless! It's hard being a mother, friend, spouse, soror, etc. and the least people in your life can do is return the same amount of effort that you giving them. 

Nope, don't do it. I know that's one of your favorite homegirls but every time ya'll get done hanging out you have to take a nap, do a three-day detox, pray to God for healing of your heart and walk around with a black obsidian yoni egg in your snatch to rid yourself of the negative energy your friend gave to you. You don't have time to be hanging with people just to pick up their heavy ass baggage. You are a person, not FedEx. Picking up packages, bad ones at that is not in your job description.

 Patience. I know this is easier said than done. Just know that everything will come to full circle. A day at a time is how you make it through life. I'm stressed now but I know that tomorrow I will get up, go workout, come home and clean/study/etc. but I will focus on the present and not what I have to do next until I get to the next. Your challenge this month #MochaMom should you accept is to:


Everything will be okay mama. Just change the diaper, clean the mess up and move on. 

2.  Protect your Time

Sis, what did we just talk about? Yeah, I know you've been wanting to hang with him for a minute. You have sh*t to do though. He knows you have other obligations and just like his life doesn't come to a screeching halt for you, yours does not stop for him. Pull out your planner and give him some dates where you MAY be able to fit him in.  Tell your whiny ass homegirl you'll call her back when you've finished everything you need to get done. If she asks why, let her know you want to make sure you have time to emotionally regroup after listening to her whine for the millionth time. 

3. Patience

Last but not least, have some patience. The job will call you, your kids will get it right, the paper will be completed and the universe will align for you. Just take it one day at a time. Lean on your support when you need to be keep going. Do what you can then let the universe and God do the rest. I promise, March will be just fine. 

Happy Saturday! 

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