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New Mommy Monday! Jamie M. Williams, PhD, LCPC

Happy Monday Mocha Moms! We're starting something new over here! I am a strong advocate of Ubuntu: "I am because we are." 
It is important for Black and Brown mothers to know they have a community behind them. Every Monday we will be shouting out a new Mocha Mommy! I've had my eye on some bomb ass Black and Brown moms doing their thing every single day and deserve to be recognized! My goal is to build a strong network for new Mocha Mommies so that us vetted Mocha Moms can shower them with love and support! With that being said, allow me to introduce our inaugural New Mocha Mommy: Dr. Jamie M. Williams! 

I've had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Jamie (Ashanti) for over three years! She is the epitome of Black Girl Magic! She is definitely one of the real ones in my corner and has become a big sister to me! 

Dr. Jamie originally from Oxford, MS. graduated from Mississippi Valley State University with a bachelors degree in Sociology. She received her Masters in Counseling Psychology from Bowie State University and Ph.D in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Mississippi State University . Dr. Jamie currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland and works as a Clinical Milieu Manager at Sheppard Pratt. 

   Introduce yourselves! 

 Ashanti Williams and Marley Simone Williams

 How long have you been a mommy? 

  6 Weeks! 

  What is your favorite thing about motherhood so far?

    Learning something new about her everyday. Learning her personality, her likes and dislikes, what works and what doesn’t work. Everyday she surprises me.

   What are you struggling with right now? 

Get a load of this cuteness! Hi Marley! 
 My biggest struggle right now is my anxiety. I find that I constantly wake up in the middle of the night to check on her, she’s never out of my sight and I have a hard time entrusting others to care for her.

What is your goal as a Black mother?

    As a Black mother, my ultimate goal is to raise a daughter who is unapologetically black and proud. I want her to be outspoken, brave and a leader amongst her peers. I want her to carry on the plight of the people in the same way my mother and father taught me to do. She was named after two of the most influential entertainers of my lifetime: Bob Marley and Nina Simone. Both who were unapologetically Black and selfless in the fight for equality, using their platform to bring awareness. I want her to live up to her namesakes. Most importantly, I want her to always be herself regardless of what expectations society place on her.  It took me 19 years to learn that and my job is to cut her time in half.  

How are you balancing your roles now that you have added motherhood?

Thankfully my boyfriend has been a huge help. Whenever I have to perform any of my usual tasks, he quickly swoops in and takes care of Marley. I’m still on maternity leave, but I imagine balancing will get a lot more difficult when I go back to work as my job can be very demanding of my time.

 Are there any experiences that are shaping your approach to motherhood?

 I have 5 older sisters, four of whom are moms also. I have watched them raise their children and I reach out to them daily for advice and support. My mom is my number one go-to. So, they have all been instrumental in my approach to motherhood.

  If you have any advice for a mother of color to be what would you tell them?

" It takes a village. Allow your village to help you. "

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Have a great week Mocha Moms! 

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