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An open letter to my LineSister for her 25th

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This is literally my favorite picture of her and I will use it every chance I get. Fight me bish.

So initially when I began this post, I was trying to find some sappy ass quote about Best friends and then I realized thats not me and you. LOL.

I realized starting my letter off to you with that was much better.

To my ACE and only LS,

Welcome to 25! You're officially in the dark side of your twenties! (Its a good dark side I promise!) Things here get a little harder but you have more tools and experiences to help you overcome things. You turning 25 is so important to me for so many reasons. We met 7 years ago and have been connected ever since. We went from young women to grown women together and I couldn't have made it this far without you. I have seen you at your lowest and highest and every single time I'm in awe at how amazing you are, inside and out. I can't count on every finger and toe God has ever created how many of my tears you've wiped away. My RHOck, not just in Sigma but in life. If its one thing I ever tell any Greek Aspirant the best part of joining Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Incorporated is having my best friend as my LineSister. Even without our letters we are sisters.

We know each other more than anyone in this world knows us. Sometimes we hate it and sometimes we love it because knowing that we can depend on each other keeps us going. You check me and make sure I stay reasonable. Sometimes you let me say whatever to help me get it off my chest even when you know I'm talking out my ass.

We've gotten through every success, challenge, heartbreak, loss, etc. together. You always give me great advice so I figured the greatest gift I could give you for your 25th birthday was 25 things to keep in mind at 25 since I got here 5 months before you! (No I never let her live that down)

1. The boys are now men but they're still stupid.
2. Get renters insurance, your stuff is unprotected after 18.
3. Sensodyne toothpaste isn't all that bad.
4. Fireball Whiskey isn't our friend like when we were 21.
5. That first breath when you take your bra and wig off will forever be the greatest.
6. This is the BEST TIME to do shit that makes you happiest alone.
7. The feeling of being uncomfortable is liberating, so do something you've never done before until uncomfortable is replaced with the feeling of excitement.
8. Love will not come because it is already here. In yourself, me, your family, our Sorhors, etc.
9. Partying alone isn't so bad. (Yes, I have and we'll talk about it later. *rolls eyes*)
10. We need to get this lawsuit popping on 'Insecure' since Issa can't give us credit for being the best friendship she based Issa and Molly off.
12. Remind yourself in the mirror everyday how intelligent, beautiful and blessed you are.
13. Buy a journal, write in it weekly.
14. Settle your worries with the fact that you're not going through life alone.
15. Sometimes, it can wait.
16. Date people that are not your type but in your league.
17. Its called a pickled onion not an onion pickle.
18. You are ALWAYS one of the smartest people in the room.
19. You are blessing in every life you touch.
20. Valentinos at 3 AM for a chicken cheesesteak is always the wave.
21. I'll always be here for you.
22. You're the best Social Worker I know.
23. Sigma wouldn't be the same without you.
24. My life wouldn't be the same without you.
25. You belong here, you have a purpose.

Happy Birthday LS. I'm thankful for you. You are one of the most loving, caring, intelligent people in my life. Even on your bad day you still take on the world and get shit done. You've accomplished what many haven't BEFORE 25! With that being said, you never rest on your past accomplishments. You're always striving to be better and I admire that about you. May you see 80 more birthdays. May your life be filled with more love, happiness and fun. This weekend is going to be one for the books!

Cheers to 25! 
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